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Watch Hamilton & Wenham's local productions anytime, anywhere with the new HWCAM All Access app for IOS and Android. Stay informed about local events, governmental decisions, and school meetings with extensive coverage of live and recorded sessions. Plus, enjoy original shows and events that showcase your community's vibrant culture.


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Revolutionary Captioning Technology
Now Available on HWCAM

HWCAM is proud to offer groundbreaking captioning technology that provides real-time transcription for our viewers. You can now enjoy live events, such as Select Board and School Committee meetings, with immediate Closed Captioning as it happens, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for everyone.

But that's not all - HWCAM also provides post-event transcription for viewers through our cutting-edge VOD Captioning feature. No need to worry about missing important information - our technology has you covered.

Experience the future of captioning with HWCAM and be a part of a more inclusive community. Contact us now to learn more about our revolutionary captioning technology!

be heard
Contact us with any questions about our programs or how you can begin producing your own local television program.
contact us
Telephone: (978) 468-1320
Fax: (978) 468-1320
Email: info@hwcam.org
start producing
HWCAM is the Public Access television station for the towns of Hamilton and Wenham.  Residents and organizations can produce programs which will be seen on Comcast 22 and Verizon 37 as well as On-Demand from any computer.
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Innovation Connection Community


The HWCAM Board of Directors meet on a quarterly basis. The meetings are held at the TV studio which is located at 58 Railroad Ave


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